Stop fighting AIDS already!

AIDS Monster Movie Marathon

Stop fighting AIDS already!

More of Randy Boyd’s “Interview with the AIDS Monster,” a special Halloween treat as part of the AIDS Monster Movie Marathon at Randy Boyd’s Blocks.

Randy of Randy Boyd’s Blocks: What do you want, you sexy beast?
Count Randolpho: Remember, I’m the AIDS Monster. If you don’t show me some love and attention, and treat me right, I won’t make nice with you either. You don’t have to fight me. That was the main point of all the AIDS Monster Movies, a point the fearful ones miss and as a result, suffer a most hideous fate. You don’t have to fight AIDS. In fact, my movie Stop Fighting AIDS Already! is gonna be on my list of favorite classics, as you’ll see here in a second.

Q: Could you please make your point, Count Randolpho, star of the great AIDS Monster Movies of our time?
A: You don’t live with the AIDS Monster in your body or in your town by fighting it or trying to destroy it. The AIDS Monster is a beast that ain’t going away. But it is a beast you may contain, but only if you show it some love and treat it like you yourself want to be treated, with kindness and compassion.

AIDS Summer Camp Revenge

Q: Interesting. Tell me more.
A: The world can relate to working it out with a ferocious beast in an animated Disney film meant for the whole family. Now the AIDS Monster would like to see the world befriend the AIDS beast. Otherwise, like all living things and creatures, if you fight me, I’m gonna fight back. On the other hand, if you accept me and learn how to get along with me, we don’t have to fight at all. And life doesn’t have to be a horror film or our worst dreams come true. Now can I get on with my list of favorite monster movies?