The next Randy Boyd book


“If you look at all the crap we learn in school, it’s a wonder we do anything but dream!” —Walt Loves the Bearcat

Two boys in love in high school. One is black. One is white. One is HIV-negative. One is HIV-positive. It’s the first day of school and the Bearcat Boyz are already in deep trouble. Welcome to their world.

My next novel is titled The Bearcat Boyz on the Road of Life. This will be my fifth novel and the first book of a four-part Bearcat Boyz book series.

So what do the Bearcat Boyz do besides fall in love in high school? They play sports. They write for the school paper. They change the world. What else did you expect?

The Bearcat Boyz on the Road of Life (Bearcat Boyz Book 1), coming soon.

On a personal author’s note: My books are like my kids. I’m proud of how they’ve turned out. I’m going to be quite busy giving birth to these bearcat babies, so you might see a ghost, excuse me, a guest blogger from time to time here at the Blocks. Rest assured, I’ll be around. It’s just that, on occasion, I’m told by our “producer” that “surprise guests await!” Whatever that means.

Stick around. The fun’s just getting started at Randy Boyd’s Blocks.