Love and sex in racist gay America

ea52e-wlo0209-8The most popular phrase on gay Internet hookup sites: “WHITES AND LATINS ONLY,” often written in ALL CAPS.

Why is using the racist language of the Segregated Old South socially accepted in 21st century Gay America?

Do those gay men know of a time, less than fifty years ago, when blacks were legally banned from restrooms, restaurants, bars and water fountains with signs warning WHITES ONLY?

Have those gay men ever seen the black and white photos of black Americans standing outside American establishments that preferred WHITES ONLY?

Have gay men of today ever looked in the mirror and asked themselves: why do I prefer WHITES AND LATINS ONLY?

WHITES AND LATINS ONLY, a photo essay using gay men’s online language in images reminiscent of the segregated Old South, now and forever at Randy Boyds Blocks.