Still coming to a dream near you

Guest Who with Randy Boyd

Dear Bearcat People … Dino and the Brownster here. We’re the two main characters in the next Randy Boyd book, The Bearcat Boyz on the Road of Life. We live in a town called Dreamville and go to Dreamville High. Together, we’re gonna rule the school. Oh, and change the world as we know it.

Our creator once dreamed of us being on bookshelves, and in high school, this year, when he announced our birth on his blog.

However, we, the Bearcat Boyz, using Freaky Deaky Technologies, have ascertained that we, the Bearcat Boyz, will not be entering Dreamville High and taking over the entire world until 2010, the year of author Randy Boyd’s 30th high school reunion.

So sit tight, Bearcat Peeps, the Bearcat Boyz are still coming to a dream near you, just not quite yet. And remember, you can always catch up with us in Walt Loves the Bearcat, the dream that started it all!

The Bearcat Boyz, soon starring in The Bearcat Boyz on the Road of Life.